Team Roster

Team Roster


Team Roster

Team Roster

Core Team Members

Chris Dufreche (Co-captain) - TX Squad Leader/Marketing Officer

My name is Chris Dufreche and I am a 30 year Architect and co-captain of Team Katana. I am passionate and dedicated in everything I do, which I believe lends to my ability to successfully lead and inspire others. I started playing back in the late 90’s in southeastern Louisiana. It was a very tough decision to leave the sport and focus on my education, but when I dedicate myself to something I let nothing hold me back. Moving to Dallas and closer to my nephew rekindled my passion for paintball. That passion has combined with others’ and led to the formation of Team Katana. Together we believe in the sport of paintball, play for the sport of paintball, and we plan to keep Team Katana alive for many years to come. I intend to do my best to help usher-in the future generations of paintball players with these ideals and plan to lead others into the heart of battle with a thunderous wookiee roar for many more years to come. 


Max Nochez (Co-captain) - LA Squad Leader/Social Media Officer/Sniper

My name is Max Nochez. I am a 32 year old Architect and I was born and raised in New Orleans, Louisiana. My name is too short for a nickname, so I just go by “Max.” I am co-captain of Team Katana and I am team leader of the Louisiana members. I began playing occasionally about 17 years ago and became more serious about the sport roughly 5 years ago, playing around once a month. I moved to Dallas, Texas in March 2013 and continued my love for the sport of paintball by founding Team Katana. I will continue to play for years to come with my friends and children, while promoting the sport for its awesome fun and team building. 


Eric Delgado - TX Runner/Grenadier

They call me “Carbon” because I’m number six on the team. I’m 20 years old and I was born in New Orleans, Louisiana but I play for the Texas division of the team because I’ve lived there for just as long. I came to paintball for the thrill but have stayed because of the family and friends I’ve made while playing. I’ve played many sports in my life but this is the only one that’s felt right while playing! I hope to continue my paintball career for many more years, especially with my team. 


Pablo Vargas - TX Support

My name is Pablo Vargas and I am a 19 year old College student and I was born in Nacogdoches, TX. I currently reside in the quiet town of Frisco, TX. I have gone by a lot of different nicknames but “Vargas” is simple enough. I am a Team Member of Team Katana and am a proud member. I love my team and how far we’ve come and I will support them no matter what. I began playing close to three years ago and I’ve loved the sport ever since! I love paintball and I can’t wait to see how far we get on our quest to be the best, and to better the sport in every way possible. 


Gavin Pigman - TX Rifleman

My name is Gavin Pigman and I got my first interest in paintball back in elementary school when I went for my 9th birthday party. I remember wearing some lacrosse shoulder pads, 3 shirts, plus a sweatshirt while playing, thinking it was a good idea at the time. I couldn’t have been more wrong. Since then I became heavily involved in hockey and I still coach teams to this day. After suffering countless knee injuries I started thinking about quitting hockey and doing something else. Paintball was the first thing in my mind, but I didn’t know where to start until I met Eric and Tony in animation class. Once they began talking about starting Team Katana I knew I wanted to join as soon as I had the funds and time to support it. Now after years of hearing about how great paintball is from everyone on Team Katana, I’m finally joining and I couldn’t be more excited. 


Alejandro Laitano - LA Scout/Rifleman

My Name is Alejandro. I’m 28 years old and was born and raised in Honduras. I recently got married and currently living in Kenner, Louisiana. Close friends call me Chino but my call sign is “Kreed” (Creed ). I’ve been playing paintball for the past 9 years but not as serious as I play nowadays. I’m a team player and I’ll do whatever I have to do as long as Team Katana can get the win. 


Reserve Team Members

Reserve team members are team members that have at one time been on the active roster or play occasionally. The reserve team members are valuable assets, each bringing their own unique skill set to the team. 

Andres Perez - LA Reserve

Andres Pierce, Jr. - LA Reserve

Andre Pierce, Sr. - LA Reserve

Gabe Zarazua - TX Reserve

Christian Nochez - LA Reserve

Jay Wiggins - LA Reserve



Team Armory


Team Armory


Bob Long Tactical G6R w/ Custom Anno (Wookiee)

Bob Long Tactical G6R in dust tan (Max)

Empire Invert Mini in dust purple (Carbon)

Empire Invert Mini in black (Kato)

Empire Vanquish 2.0 in red (Vargas)

Empire Axe in white (Piggy)

Empire Sniper Pump in matte grey (Carbon)

Etek 5 in white-titan (Kreed)

2000 SP Impulse Vision (Wookiee)

CCI Custom Phantom Revolution (Wookiee)

Project X Automag (project gun)

Vengeance Autococker (project gun)


Project Hammer: 2000 round backpack loader/4500-100ci air platform that also includes hydration system along with extra storage.

Project Hammer: 2000 round backpack loader/4500-100ci air platform that also includes hydration system along with extra storage.

Virtue Spire 260 Special (Wookiee)

Virtue Spire in dark earth (Max)

Virtue Spire in black/orange (Kreed)

Empire Halo Too in black (Carbon)

Empire Prophecy Z2 in camo (Kato)

Empire Prophecy Z2 in red (Vargas)

Empire Prophecy Z2 in white (Piggy)

Maxxloader in MultiCAM backpack with 100ci Guerrilla Tank (Project Hammer)


Ninja Superlite 4500, 68ci w/ V2 SLP

Ninja Carbon Fiber 4500, 68ci w/ V2 PRO


Virtue VIO in black/green (Wookiee)

Virtue VIO in tan/brown (Max)

Virtue VIO in black/purple (Carbon)

Virtue VIO in black/graphic fire (Vargas)

Virtue VIO Extend in black/blue (Kreed)

V-Force Profiler in black/gold (Kato)

V-Force Gill in black/red (Piggy)


Propper TAC.U Combat Shirt (MultiCAM)

Propper Poly/Cotton ACU Pants (MultiCAM)

Valken Tango II Vest (V-CAM)

Valken Bravo Vest (V-CAM)

Valken Echo Vest (V-CAM)


Valken Radio Pouch (V-CAM)

Valken Grenade Pouch (V-CAM)

Valken Multi-Pouch (V-CAM)

Valken 3+4 Pod Pouch (V-CAM)

Valken Pistol Holster (V-CAM)

Camelbak Antidote 3.0L Hydration System


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