So at Oklahoma Dday I got a ton of questions regarding my mask and some of the features I've added to it over time. With Dday serving as a final stress-test I'm confident enough to throw those interested a play-by-play.

The first feature will be the built-in headset. My issues with using radios in paintball are twofold, concerning the earpiece and microphone. It can be hard to accommodate a large earpiece and boom mic under your mask, and if you need prescription eyewear (more on that later) it can be even more difficult to fit everything under a compact, close-fitting mask. Connectivity can also become an issue if they are separate components. My "silver bullet" was a headset that is made for motorcycle helmets.

This system was essentially plug-n-play. It came with velcro pieces to hold the earphones and mic, but I opted to fasten them mechanically within my mask. I routed the wiring per the images below, leaving a single connection to the mic button and radio (seen in lower pic). Since I have a little bit of hearing loss it really helps that there are two earphones. An added benefit is the waterproof connections between the button and headset. You can find the system I used on Amazon at 


The second feature of my mask is the integrated prescription insert made by Eye Safety Systems (ESS). I've struggled for years playing with glasses crammed under my mask or squinting like crazy (I can't wear contacts). Even if I do get some old, sacrificial frames to fit they usually fog-up within minutes. One of my veteran friends told me that he saw these systems used overseas. You get everything pictured below in a package deal, and it comes with documentation for the person making the lens. The package comes with a ton of inserts, so you should be able to retrofit one to fit your mask regardless of its make. I purchased mine through Optics Planet at 

I took mine to LensCrafters who sent the entire thing to Oakley. You'll want to get a "safety glass" lens for the insert. Unfortunately there's no "anti-fog" coating available for these, but I've used a product called "Cat Crap" with great success. It seems like every Dday it rains throughout the main game, and this year was no exception. With this system I only had a brief period of fog when we were in the woods during max humidity with no wind whatsoever.

2017-06-12 23.15.04.jpg

Thats it for this breakdown. Stay tuned for more of my side projects and I'll post updates as I develop future upgrades! Wookiee signing off!